Week 2/27/2012

Since I’ve been working on trying to clean up previous movmements with my dancers, I’ve gone ahead to create more stuff. I want some part of my dance to be very strong and athletic and I want my dancers to be able to feel somewhat free from the audience’s gaze/judgement in order to achieve full embodiment. Do you all think that the movements might be to strong for this…I’m trying to make movements in which dancers can get into it and not worry about technicalities? What sort of movements would you all suggest for this?





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I've always loved rhythms and performing in public spaces. My mom helped to grow that love within me by placing me in jazz, tap, and ballet classes starting at the age of 7. I continued until I was about 11. From 11 to about 14, I didn't have any formal dance training. I had some opportunities to dance in school plains, still pulling from the little, but solid technique I learned from a few years back. Upon entering high school, I started taking modern dance classes and continued until I graduated. When I started Dickinson, I continued with modern dance, but I have also begun to pay more attention to hip-hop, belly dance, and west african dance.

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  1. I admire the athleticism and strength you are building in your movements, as you said was actually a goal of yours. However, I do not think it brings forth this quality you are striving for, to have the dancers appear unaware of the audience’s gaze. I could see you creating this without eliminating the strength–particularly by SLOWING DOWN. A lot of the brilliance in these videos are the achievements musically in your movement encompassed by the fast pace. But to me this creates more of an awareness in the dancer to the spectator, as with speed comes forth impressing and effort. This is why i want you to slow down some of your movements-as this stillness would not only capture your movements in a striking way, almost as a photograph with light, but we could see a contrast between that of the fast/intentionality and the slow with the feeling of internal.

  2. The gracious movements themselves tell a story in mystical and hypnotizing manner. The dancers need to feel that emotional charge inside and concentrate on thir bodies not thinking about the spacators at all.

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