These works represent a range of personal interests coupled with monthslong research into the work of contemporary artists, says Skaggs, who directs the dance program with assistance from Erin Crawley-Woods, visiting assistant professor of dance. “Working with themes such as loss, identity, power, frustration, depression, memory, balance and reality, students are asked to treat dance making as critical-thinking explorations,” Skaggs writes in the show’s program notes. “Personal themes are refracted through form and structure, as each work represents a new way of knowing.”

















Choreographers: Michaela Williams, Maddie Vouros, Bre Pierce, Alison Woods, Erin Wynne, Faith Wilwerding, Anastasia Putri, Tran Tran

Dancers: Armando Moreno, Hadjara Moutari Kalla, Mia Nghiem, Leigh Tracey, Chloe Blair, Lilly Beardsley, Jessica Chen, Betsy Gonder, Kathryn Miles, Maddie Vouros, Bre Pierce, Nalani Saito, Emma Spector, Alison Woods, Kendra Bonsey, Natalie Ferris, Carrie Gillespie, Kayla Stepanchak, Faith Wilwerding, Emma Calkins, Abby Merritt, Nora Robinson, Janel Brown, Fiona Clarke, Julia Isacson, Karen Siderovski, Anh Tran, Erin Wynne, Meredith Johnson, Connor Ranft, Tran Tran


Production Team–

director: Sarah Skaggs
assistant director: Erin Crawley-Woods
visual designer: Kent Barrett
costume designer: Sherry Harper-McCombs
technical director: Jason Nedrow
stage manager: Kelsey Sloter
costume studio manager: Juli Bounds
assistant stage manager: Zoe Irons
light board operator: Leigh Parrott
sound board operator: Kelsey Sloter
wardrobe manager: Rachel Morgan
deck crew: Youki Sato
costume studio crew: Mickey Galamba, Zoe Rafalowski-Houseman, Noah Thompson, Luke Kang, Wendy Lin, Rachel Morgan, Leigh Parrott, Kendall Peck, Cailin Smith, Erin Wynne
scene shop crew: Sarah Blocher, Sean Jones, Wendy Lin, Dalton Maltz, Jon Northridge, Lizzie Wilford, Youki Sato, Jackson Zyontz
house manager: Anastasia Putri