In this Freshworks concert, students combine history, neurology, the arts, and social sciences in order to create their unique exhibition of dance and individual passions…













Christine Merolla, Alyssa Giordano, Margot Abrahams, Tran Tran, Leigh Tracey, Colleen Brandt, Noah Fusco, Kathleen Getaz

Production Team–

director: Sarah Skaggs
assistant director: Erin Crawley-Woods
resident visual designer: Kent Barrett
resident costume designer: Sherry Harper-McCombs
technical director: Jason Nedrow
stage manager: Zoe Irons
costume studio manager: Juli Bounds
box office manager: Sarah Blocher
house manager: Noah Fusco
assistant stage manager: Amanda Xiong
light board operator: Mia Merrill
sound board operator: Justin Burkett
video operator: Josh Bennett
wardrobe manager: Kathryn Beck
hair and makeup manager: Ashley Tang

costume studio crew: Hara Connell, Briona Hawkins, Olivia Kuchta, Kathryn Miles, Kendall Peck, Cailin Smith

scene shop crew: Alex Dillon, Katherine Adelaide Downs, Noah Fusco, Alyssa Giordano, Kayla Johnson, Sean Jones, Peter Winnard, Solomon Zisser