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I like old movies and new movies and all kinds of movies.

When I was Ichiro’s age . . .

I quite frankly don’t remember what I wanted to be at that age. I remember at various points in my childhood wanting to be an architect (inspired by legos), a filmmaker (Jurassic Park III), a historian (the History channel), and otherwise … Continue reading

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Our Howl

Our Howl‘s central conceit, as I understood it going in, was a dance concert thematically curated around language, and the uses and structures of language. From primal grunts and sighs, to sign language, to Shakespeare, to contemporary spoken word, to … Continue reading

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Noah Fusco Presents Generational-Themed Film Series X

What I know now is that I will be investigating the concept of ‘generation’ (what even is it? what is it in the medium of film? do we understand it as a narrative component of the cinema we watch, or … Continue reading

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Which Ariel?

If there is anything that thoroughly captures my attention and close scrutiny, it is the discussion and debate over ‘authorial intent’ and original editions/forms/edits, etc. Having read about the artistic trauma that was the butchering of Orson Welles’s The Magnificent Ambersons, … Continue reading

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Howl, metempsychosisized by Noah Fusco

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“Two weeks after his twenty-fifth birthday, Ichiro got off a bus at Second and Main in Seattle. He had been gone four years, two in camp and two in prison.” (Okada 3) What we learn: there is a boy (“his”), he … Continue reading

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The Sun Also Rises Epilogue

“Yes,” I said, “Isn’t it pretty to think so?” The End

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10 Things I Noticed About: Wilfred Owen’s “The Dead-Beat”

A very strange rhyme scheme that begins normally, then has a strange interruption: abbacddecefgfghiiih. It does, however, have perfectly filled lines for iambic pentameter, if not perfectly melodious lines. Dialogic: four different ‘speakers’ are identified as speaking: the eponymous dead-beat; a … Continue reading

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Generational Keyword: Anxiety

One of my professors, who shall remain nameless, is (perhaps overly) fond of asking what might be deemed “binaric” questions. These questions will usually involve two very strict premeditated responses, which are generalizations (!), and therefore lacking in nuance. As often … Continue reading

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