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High School Musical meets Othello

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Just think about it. A few big details would have to be flipped around, but the basic lineup is all there.

1. Troy Bolton as Iago

  • the more lines he has, the more times we get to see Zac Efron
  • really good at basketball=experienced in battle

2. Jason Cross (generic not-that-good basketball player) as Roderigo

  • “generic, not that good” pretty much says it all

3. Chad Danforth as Cassio

  • not as good at basketball as Troy=a reason for Troy to be bitter about Chad being promoted to team captain

4. Zeke Baylor (the basketball player who bakes) as Othello

  • I strongly believe that he didn’t get enough credit from the original HSM franchise
  • Well-rounded
  • African-American with darker skin, works with the racism theme–yes, Chad is also black, but his skin color is much lighter and historically lighter-skinned African-Americans are more easily accepted

5. Sharpay Evans as Desdemona

  • blonde, fair, outspoken

6. Ryan Evans as Brabantio

  • Brotherly protectiveness instead of fatherly protectiveness

Main ideas

  • Troy is jealous that Zeke promoted Chad to team captain over him, even though Troy is more skilled.
  • Jason is pining after Sharpay, but she’s dating Zeke, so he enlists Troy’s help

The HSM theme of jocks vs. theater kids would basically be eliminated, but imagine the fun of writing racist songs and getting to film and choreograph them in the sacred halls of East High.



  • It makes sense to choose Sharpay as Desdemona because of her fair appearance, but it seems like she is more of an Iago character. Throughout the movie(s) she works so hard to get between Troy and Gabriella in sneaky, manipulating ways. You could also think about this as a change in gender roles. Instead of the beautiful Desdemona being a woman, the character could be Troy and Sharpay and Gabriella could play the roles of Iago and Othello.

  •   Professor Seiler
    September 29th, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Jordyn–I am sure this is a totally brilliant idea, but I am too old to have seen HSM (and my nieces are too young to have gotten to it yet!). Are there big musical numbers? What would those be in HSM’s Othello?

  • This was such a creative way to approach the prompt, and I love the reasoning you’ve laid out for your casting choices. It also occurred to me that if Troy is Iago, Gabriella would logically be Emilia. I can picture it now: Gabriella and Sharpay are standing in an empty classroom after Zeke goes off at Sharpay for losing his favorite creme brulee pan (or whatever), and Gabriella turns to her like “Listen, all men are like this. They’ll chew you up and spit you out.”

  • No one is too old for High School Musical- it’s a classic at this point. There are a ton of musical numbers, and I think it would be fun for Iago’s character to visibly try to sabotage Othello’s character through the numbers, as well as during the plot of the movie.

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