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Othello: Color-Swap

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It is no secret that we live in a society where race, unfortunately, is a topic of contention. Racism is believed to be exclusive to minorities and while it is true that micro and macroaggression targets minorities in much higher concentrations, racist comments and actions can also be perpetrated against Caucasians. Furthermore, while it isn’t a large an issue as aggression and racist attacks on minorities, it is an important point to understand and get to the bottom of. Perhaps if we start with the small things, we can move on the larger issues and problems and tackle them on a unified front.

Therefore, in an effort to promote discussion and social change, I would create an Othello production where the entire cast, except Othello, is black. Othello would be white and all of the racist lines and insults would be changed to reflect racism against white people. I know for a fact that this would cause a wave of backlash and discussion across the country because many people can’t understand or fathom reverse racism when presented to them in a popular media form. I believe it would be a welcome change and an important building block in this current political and social climate.


  •   Professor Seiler
    September 29th, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Sayahn–a provocative idea. In what exactly do you think the backlash would consist? Would it be about the erasure of historical oppression in what you describe as “reverse racism?” Or do you think it might have to do with the historical / cultural uses _Othello, the Moor of Venice_ has long served (as Kim Hall suggests)?

  • This idea reminds me of this:

    Sometimes provocation really is the way to instigate a conersation

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