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Othelloship of the rings

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I thought it would be interesting to see Othello played out in the world of Lord of the The Rings. The stark contrasts of multiple races mixed with an object that literally corrupts people would add a strange twist to the story.

I would have Frodo as Othello. Both of these characters seem to play the role of main character although Othello does not get much screen time.

Iago would be a tricky character to place as most of those that embark on the journey are heroic and not greedy or envious. Iago would need to be Golem as he can be very manipulative as he covets the power that the one ring would get him.

Samwise would have to be Desdemona because Golem influences frodo to mistrust Sam.

Cassio would be Aragorn as Frodo quickly loses trust in him.

Saruman would be Brabantio. This would be a stretch in terms of character relationships in Lord of the Rings as Saruman has no investment in Samwise however his general antagonistic feel seemed to match that of Brabantio.



  • I appreciate your very creative title. Also, I think your choice for Iago’s character works really well. I like how you describe Golem/Iago as coveting power. Their relationship with power is one of the most important aspects of their characters and it drives them to do immoral/selfish things.

  •   Professor Seiler
    September 29th, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Theo–an Othello/Rings mashup: great idea! To flesh this post about a bit, what major threads of the Rings books/films and of Othello would have to be cut to make this meeting work?

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