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Books, Books, Books

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A huge part of my childhood was centered around books. My mom started reading to me when she was pregnant, like she did for my brother. When I was an infant, she started taking us to “story time” at the local library, which we attended for years.

We were read to at home, too. Every day for a few hours we would sit on the couch, my brother and I on either side of our mom, and listen. When my brother started preschool, my mom began teaching him to read, following along in books by tracing her finger under the words, pausing to let my brother read out every “and,” “a,” and “the.” As he learned more words, I would just sit there quietly and absorb everything.

When my brother was in kindergarten, he was assigned “sight words” to study so he could read them on sight. My mom made flash cards for him, but he told her that he already tested out of the words the week before. My brother suggested that she teach me the words instead, but my mom soon realized that I knew them as well.

Throughout my childhood, we continued to go to the local library every week. My mom would bring a backpack for us to completely fill with twenty to twenty-five books to take home, which we always read multiple times. The books I chose always had animals in them; the Berenstein Bears, Goodnight Farmer, Barnyard Dance, the Big Red Barn, etc. It was a bonding activity for us, sitting down together and reading every day. My mom says that reading has always been natural for me, and that just continued to grow as I got older. I still credit my mom for inspiring the love of books I have today.


  •   Professor Seiler
    October 14th, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Wow, Kara! Your mom is pretty awesome. I hope you link her to this thoughtful post.

    I share with you a set of memories about learning to read sort of “behind” but really alongside of my older brother. Do you remember when your tastes in books started to diverge? If ever?

  • My mom did the same thing about taking me to the library to get a bunch of books. I still do it sometimes on my own when I’m at home. I love how you learned to read right along with your brother! So cute.

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