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Learning How to Read by Reading

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Reading has been my favorite activity for as long as I can remember; that being said, I have no recollection of how I learned to read. However, I’m pretty certain I enjoyed every moment of the process. Ever since I was a baby, I found looking at books and being read to the most magical pastime. My parents are also avid readers, so they fostered my interest in books; before I was literate, I would obsessively stare and flip through books and attempt to understand their words.

My love for books was so intense I would spend most of my time going through every book on my bookshelf. I suppose through this process, I eventually began to make the connection between the words on the page and the illustrations/reader. After speaking with my mother, she told me when it came to formally “learning to read” at about age 4, it was completely natural for me, as I already knew words from exposure.

I remember some of the first books I could read by myself were the Frog and Toad series. This was in pre-school, and I quickly became obsessed with reading as many books possible; I was known to not leave my room for hours in an attempt to expand my knowledge. The concept of visualizing the story I was reading in my head was fascinating as a child, and explains my love for literature today.



  •   Professor Seiler
    October 14th, 2017 at 11:16 am

    Lily–thanks for this lovely post, which has a great mixture of specific and more atmospheric memory. Melanie, too, writes about the effects of being raised by readers, and who expose you not just to books but to words and ideas and the wonder of literacy (in the fullest sense). I hope you thanked your mom for this when you talked with her!

  • I was the same way about not leaving my room because I was busy reading! Amazing how signs like this when we’re younger can tell our parents what we’re going to be interested in when we’re older

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