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My Very First Book

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I have a surprisingly vivid memory of the exact moment I learned to read. Well, maybe not the exact moment, but close.  Up until this point, I would always only pretend to read. You know the typical image of a child “reading” a book upside down trying to act as if she knows exactly what she’s doing, right? Yep. That was me. Or at least it was me until this day.

I remember sitting in my room on a Sunday afternoon and “reading” for hours on end. I guess at this point, I could technically read words, but to me it didn’t count as officially being able to read until I had finished the whole book. The book was Go, Dog, Go and I had been really working hard on it for a while. My dad had been helping me, but needed to go mow the lawn or do some other dad-like thing. But I stayed there and decided to start from the beginning again by myself. I was very determined for a five-year-old. I read one page, then another, then another. At long last, I turned the last page over. I couldn’t believe it, I had finished it. I was so proud of myself that I immediately ran downstairs and outside to tell my dad. He, being busy mowing the lawn, was not quite as excited as I was, but then again, I don’t think many people could be. I was pretty wild with pride. Thinking back on it now, I almost laugh at myself for going crazy after reading a ten page book with only four or five words per page.



  • I am extremely jealous you have such a specific memory about the first book you ever read. It is really interesting how suddenly you could read it by yourself. Your excitement is understandable; as a child, it must have been so satisfying so finally understand how to read.Thanks for sharing such a cute story!

  •   Professor Seiler
    October 14th, 2017 at 11:14 am

    I’m with Lily, Megan: it’s awesome that you have this clear moment-memory, and that you remember–fondly–the pride you felt at cracking _Go, Dog, Go_. You’ve clearly always been a committed reader. Why does this not surprise me?

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