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Little memories

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Somewhere in the furnace room in my basement is a cardboard box full of hardcover Dr. Seuss books. These books used to be on the bookshelf in my room, and every night I would ask my mom to read me the same book; Wish For A Fish. It’s the greenish-blue one with an octopus on the front. I heard it so often that before my mom actually taught me how to read it, I had memorized it and could “read” it (recite it) word for word, page turns included. Wish For A Fish went into retirement for a while so that I could learn how to really read a book, but since I already knew what several words were supposed to look like, the process was much easier than my mom or I expected. From then on, my mom would take me to our local library to fill up a duffel bag with books and take them home to spend the next two weeks doing nothing but practicing reading, which I loved. One of the books gave me major issues–A New Roof. How the heck was I supposed to know that the “e” in “new” is pronounced “oo” instead of “eh?” I spent what felt like hours trying to figure out this weird word and why I had never heard it before until my mom, finally fed up with hearing me struggle to fit a short e sound where it didn’t belong, explained the mysterious word to me. She probably doesn’t remember the incident, but it’s engrained in my brain forever as part of the process of me learning to read

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