Monday, November 27th, 2017...5:30 pmVictoria Wotton

Percussion Poem

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(Using percussion vocabulary)


The balance all rests on one


Tilt to the front: control

but feeble

To the back: power

but unbounded


Try to distribute evenly

unknowingly favor

Weight pulls down

shaky, unsure, unclear

Feel the drag to the center



Waves travel down

through metal columns

Bouncing back and forth

and off walls



But the node was clipped

sound dipped

quality lost to the surrounding space




Push forward

Watch the straight path

down to the




Question for Solmaz Sharif:

What is it about vision that made you prioritize the optical experience of your works to the auditory experience,? Do the two intertwine at all to you, or do you just focus on visual cues because they fit your concepts better?


  •   Professor Seiler
    November 29th, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    Kara–what a fantastic percussion poem. And the narrow columnar structure of it creates a kind of visual analogue to the pressure one feels (you feel!) as a percussionist, right from the first line of the poem.

    Good question for Sharif. I wonder how you might refine/follow up on it given our convos about photography in class and at the Trout yesterday.

  • Kara, this is such a great poem. I enjoyed how it seemed to be simply be about percussion, but the last stanza reveals a percussionist’s struggle with how much control and power they have. Also, that is a really interesting question for Sharif. I’m interested to hear how visuals influence her poems.

  • Kara, I think your use of percussion vocabulary is very compelling here. There even seems to be a percussive quality to the arrangement of your words that invokes a drum beat.

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