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Specialized Vocabulary Poem

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*From volleyball vocabulary

Gone Fishing

Row softly, on finger tips
Attack. Dig deep,
Gone in for the kill
Tuna, flashing rainbow in rolling water
dive low
creating fish-like flickers
like decoys.
Cast your net,
close your eyes,
and hope.


Question: Who did you talk to to get a sense of the war mentality? Because you grew up in the US for most of your life you wouldn’t have witnessed it firsthand, so from whom did you get the sense of experience that you used to write your poems?


  • I’m not well versed in volleyball terms in the slightest, but I love how the subject of the poem is almost masked by the repeated references to fish, fishing, etc. I don’t think I’d recognize it was about volleyball at all if you didn’t clarify at the beginning, but I’m assuming that anyone with volleyball knowledge would see through it and understand.

  •   Professor Seiler
    November 29th, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    Jordyn–I’m with Kara! Volleyball vocabulary is not my strong suit. The violence of the old sports cliché of “gone in for the kill” punctures the fishing/volleyball fusion of your poem in a really compelling way, esp. in the wake of reading Sharif’s work.

    About your question for Sharif: How might you rephrase / reconsider your question based on our discussion in class yesterday of “Personal Effects?”

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