Friday, December 1st, 2017...1:42 pmA New Woman

Solmaz Sharif

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I knew she was young but it didn’t really register until I saw her in person. But the way she carries herself and the way she speaks reflect someone very very wise. I LOVE the way she speaks. Reading her poetry is one thing, but I was personally more fascinated by her natural speech pattern during the plenary session and the lecture because her influence as a poet still so strongly influences her normal speech. In particular I remember one of the first things she said in the plenary class was something about “putting flowers in rifles,” and later during the q&a in ATS she randomly pulled the imagery of “a parakeet in a cage of an abandoned house in the war zone” off the top of her head. I just am amazed that someone’s grasp of vocabulary and imagery and just language in general can be so easily accessed. All poetry and political activism aside, I think what I admire most about Sharif is the way she talks.

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