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Solmaz Sharif Reaction

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I loved the visit from Solmaz Sharif. She is such an inspiring and humble person. While some of the questions that were asked were interesting enough, her answers always seems so well thought out and unique. None of her answers could be considered generic and she took the necessary time to pause and think about her response to questions. One of the things she talked about was the use of social media and how people interact with it. I think her patience and willingness to wait before answering reflected well on her answer, which was that it is an opioid– people would quickly think of something witty and in a day it would be forgotten, and that would happen again and again. However, Sharif’s demeanor represented a woman who wouldn’t be forgotten immediately because she thought of really important things to say at the right times.

One other thing I thought was really interesting was her description on the writing process of Look. In my mind, the whole time I read Look, I had imagined that Solmaz Sharif was using the words based on their definition, but she said she put them into a list and chose randomly. That definitely made me look at the book differently. She described it as having the “ghost” of the definition in the poem, which was more haunting to her. She also explained that she wanted to look at the characters of war, but not as the soldier, the refugee, or the government, but looking at the debutant or box of trinkets. She wanted to show the parakeet in the cage that was left in the abandoned house of a refugee family, which is both refreshing and is a testament to her creativity and thoughtfulness. War doesn’t just affect those fighting in it.

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