The Shimerdas, IX, by Ántonia

The first time it snowed was wonderful. The white changed everything and it felt like a new world. On the second day, Jim came by in a wood sleigh pulled by horse. Yulka and I ran out to him. I wanted to go into the snow more than anything in the world. We started going and going and it felt like we went forever. After a while it became cold but we didn’t care. I would have frozen solid to see all the things I saw that day.

After a while we turned back. That is when the sun went away and it became terribly cold. The wind picked up and nearly blew us off the sled. Finally we got home and sat by the fire. It was hours before I was warm again. Next winter I will do it again, but with maybe warmer clothes.

Everything I thought I knew about the outside changed that day. Under the white of snow nothing was the same. I feel it will be a long time before I see things the way I did before.

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3 Responses to The Shimerdas, IX, by Ántonia

  1. morrisi says:

    Really interesting post! I loved your description of how Antonia felt when she saw Jim come by on his wooden sleigh. Also I thought it was great how you depicted her opinion on the snow and how she desperately wanted to be in it. Overall, Great Post!

  2. dudzinsj says:

    I really like how joyful this post is. There’s an air of innocence throughout it and I think that the ending of this is particularly interesting because it strips away the innocence portrayed in the beginning. I wonder how exactly things have changed for Ántonia.

  3. Professor Seiler says:

    John, I agree with Jane and Ian: your post sort of literalizes the idea of the “blank slate.” That is, you make the stark, total whiteness of the first snowfall into an internal turning point for Antonia. I wonder if you think Antonia, given what we know of her by that first winter, might have compared this Nebraska snowfall to a snowfall back home?

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