“Connection”–Generational Keyword

The keyword of my generation is “connection.” Through technology, we are able to connect with anyone else in the world that has Internet access. Interactions that take place through the Internet are not the most intimate—you can’t hear what a voice sounds like or look into a person’s eyes, which are two really beautiful aspects of human interaction. However, through social media, we are able to share articles, photos, thoughts, and interests.

Almost everyone I know who is considered a “millennial” has at least one form of social media, which proves how connected we are or can be. The other day I commented on my roommate’s Instagram post while in bed across the room from her, and could have just said it to her in person. But the amount of connection and interaction really depends on how much time and effort a person puts into their presence on social media.

A question that I have is, is it possible to make intimate emotional connections through social media? If we are constantly connected through the Internet, then real emotional connection has to be possible, since we are plugged in almost all the time. “We” in the previous sentence only includes those of us privileged enough to have Internet access, but I would say that connection definitely applies to us millennials in the Dickinson community and other communities of higher education.

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