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Summer, Ántonia

XIX The sky was my solace–the summer sky stretched across the world. A transparent canvas, yet vivid in its blueness, too light to label by the saddest shade. The heat would only intensify those colors, and I could run under … Continue reading

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A Question for Danticat

After hearing that Edwidge Danticat had learned three languages in depth–French, Creole and English–I became curious about the relationship of these languages within her, both as an author and as a person, and their interactions within her mind. Whether, for … Continue reading

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I don’t remember being unable to read. I do remember my mother telling me how I learned to read. She read to me. Bookshelves full of picture books, and countless trips to the library. She and I would pick what … Continue reading

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On Staging Othello

Many say that the play “Othello” is about race, but I disagree. It’s true that race is what’s featured as the device to bring forth the prejudice and discrimination, but I doubt that Othello being white would have stopped Iago … Continue reading

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A Letter to Kelly Clarkson

Dear Kelly, Something is falling outside, something too dense to be water, and I refuse to put my feet on the ground. I’ve stayed here, instead, in a room too small to contain me, listening to you, from this song, … Continue reading

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Aubade in “Sound of Music”

The Sound of Music is a song dedicated to nature and its beauty. It is a soundtrack from an original Broadway production—which is also by the same name—that first opened on November 16, 1959. Even the film adaptation was produced … Continue reading

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