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“Connection”–Generational Keyword

The keyword of my generation is “connection.” Through technology, we are able to connect with anyone else in the world that has Internet access. Interactions that take place through the Internet are not the most intimate—you can’t hear what a … Continue reading

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Introduction–Antonia’s Perspective

I still don’t know why Jim went to all this trouble to write about me. Especially a book this long! I probably don’t even know enough words to fill a book that long and all the words in this book … Continue reading

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Questions for Danticat

In class it was mentioned how Danticat has written and succeeded in writing in various genres. It’s hard to get at the level Danticat has gotten to in one genre, but the fact that she’s achieved so much in many … Continue reading

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Learning to Read

When I was a baby/young toddler and my mom would walk me around our neighborhood in a stroller, I always had a book in my hand even though I couldn’t read yet. Our next door neighbor Susan would say to … Continue reading

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Othello as a Movie

If I were directing a movie version of the play Othello, I would have it look like a darker version of the hazy aesthetic of Sofia Coppola films. Whenever I read Shakespeare, I always envision a sort of haze over … Continue reading

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Letter to Kesha

Dear Kesha, It is so much to be a woman in public, which is to say, a woman at all. I want to be permanently sedated and then put another hole into my body and then crawl into it so … Continue reading

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“Arrival at Santos”

“Arrival at Santos” not only belongs perfectly in “Questions of Travel,” but it is the perfect poem to start out “Questions of Travel” with. Throughout the course of “A Cold Spring” we see Bishop explore domestic experiences and become acquainted … Continue reading

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Alliteration in Mitski’s “Townie”

Alliteration is the repetition of the same letter or sound at the beginning of closely connected words. The song “Townie” by singer/songwriter Mitski accomplishes alliteration in a skillful way because her use of it is not obvious, however it does … Continue reading

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