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The Shimerdas, IX, by Ántonia

The first time it snowed was wonderful. The white changed everything and it felt like a new world. On the second day, Jim came by in a wood sleigh pulled by horse. Yulka and I ran out to him. I … Continue reading

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The Character of Iago

One big change that I would instill as a director is to further highlight the character of Iago. Besides the fact that the play is named for Othello, and that Iago does not undergo any changes from beginning to end, … Continue reading

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Bishop’s Arrival at Santos

Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “Arrival at Santos” fits best as the opening poem of her volume titled Questions of Travel. The reason most obvious to the eye is the actual length of the work. With a few exceptions, the poems in … Continue reading

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Metonymy in Grime

Within the world of hip-hop, an artist’s representation of his or her hometown can make or break a career. In the song “Frisco”, London-born rapper Skepta uses metonymy to show pride in his city. Skepta belongs to a genre known as … Continue reading

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