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My Generational Keyword

I think that my generation can be defined by the word contact. New technologies such as the internet and texting allow people to have constant contact with other people and sources of information. We are in far more frequent contact … Continue reading

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Chapter VI from Antonia’s Perspective

Something about the day reminded me of back home, in Bohemie. It seemed to be a warm day at first, but after I had been outside for long enough the cold reached me. It was in the breeze and the … Continue reading

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Question for Edwidge Danticat

I would like to ask Edwidge Danticat why she centers so many of her books and stories on Ville Rose. I tried to Google Ville Rose. The first thing that came up were several pages about Toulouse, France which is … Continue reading

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Learning to Read

I learned to read officially in kindergarten, but actually during a year when I was homeschooled, which technically would be first grade. The first time I ever read a book (one of those books that has one word on each … Continue reading

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Staging Othello

I think Othello is a particularly interesting play because of how race was perceived in Shakespeare’s time and how it is perceived today. The differences and similarities between these perceptions can create a tension between the play and its audience. … Continue reading

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Letter to Elizabeth Acevedo

Note: Elizabeth Acevedo is the slam poet who came to Dickinson last Sunday as a part of Love Your Body Week. She performed poems about gender, hair, her Dominican heritage, and many other things. Here is a video of her … Continue reading

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“Arrival at Santos”

I think Elizabeth Bishop’s “Arrival at Santos” fits better in her collection Questions of Travel than in its original location in A Cold Spring. In A Cold Spring, the poems are deeply descriptive, and their overall tone is quieter and … Continue reading

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Irony in “Simple Song” by The Shins

The lyrics of “Simple Song” focus on the trust and love between the singer and his significant other. The grateful, loving tone of the song and its theme both fit with the title, conveying an uncomplicated relationship free of intrigue … Continue reading

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