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Chapter I

An endless train, I wondered if we were ever going to reach our destination, Black Hawk Nevada.  I felt so alone.  Mama and Papa were already so scared about our journey.  A new unknown place, with new people, a new … Continue reading

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Question for Edwidge Danticat

So far I have really enjoyed reading Krik? Krak!  I love the deep love that the two young adults experience in “Children of the Sea” from their unsent letters.  The hope that they have that one day they will meet … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Read

I don’t remember much about how I learned to read, but I distinctly remember one time reading a book, Huggly Goes to the Beach, out loud to my mom.  Around that time I know that I hated to read, it … Continue reading

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Othello The Movie

If I were to make an Othello movie I would want it to be very over the top.  I want exotic set locations, grande costumes, a crazy unexpected cast, ANYTHING to make it over the top but not garish or … Continue reading

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Letters to…..

Dear (Insert any Indian Singer), Thank you for making the music that you do.  As a kid I listened to all the the music that other kids listened to like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, but whenever music was played … Continue reading

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Where does “Arrival at Santos” fit?

After much deliberation, I think that Arrival at Santos should be kept in Questions of Travel.  In her third volume of poetry, Questions of Travel, Bishop examines themes of place and home, otherness and familiarity, through a travelers’ perspective. I really … Continue reading

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Smart Phone

According to Oxford’s “Dictionary of Literary Terms” occupatio is a rhetorical device by which a speaker emphasizes something by pretending to pass over it, it is also a type of irony.   When I first read the definition of occupatio a … Continue reading

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