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VII: Antonia

I don’t know why Jimmy always talked to me like I was stupid. Momma used to say that it was because he “wasn’t raised right,” but Momma said that about all the Americans. She only let Jim teach me to … Continue reading

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Question for Edwidge Danticat

As a Haitian writer, Danticat incorporates both her culture and values into her work. While reading pieces in Krik? Krak! I noticed both the recurring role of mothers, and minimal interaction with male characters. Although paternal figures are present, the mother-daughter dynamic … Continue reading

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Learning to Read

My first memory learning to read was in Kindergarten. Each week week we had a mystery reader who came in to read the class to read us stories. I never paid any attention to the readers until my own grandfather … Continue reading

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Othello Production

In my opinion, Othello should only be produced live. I do not think that a cinema version would be able to convey the complexity between characters on which this play thrives. In casting this production, I feel as though the … Continue reading

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Dear Amy Schumer

Dear Amy, You entertain the world, in the least entertaining way. You are loved for being “funny,” when there is so much more to you. You see, Trainwreck, was nothing of the sort. Trainwreck should not be the name of … Continue reading

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“Arrival at Santos”

After researching Elizabeth Bishop’s life and progression of writing, I personally feel that “Arrival at Santos” fits best in Questions of Travel. Bishop’s first volume of poetry, A Cold Spring, was published in 1955. At this point in time, Elizabeth … Continue reading

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“Blazon” in “Smoke Filled Room”

The literary term “Blazon” is described as admiring the physical features of a woman’s body by the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms. Outside sources, such as, also describe the term “Blazon,” yet as a form of idolization or embellishment. … Continue reading

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