Back in Amman

I arrived in Amman last Tuesday and started my internship at the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan this past Sunday, June 24. I had the chance to study abroad this past spring in Amman where I met my internship coordinator, Dr. Sara Ababneh. Dr. Ababneh  offered me an internship at the Center for Strategic Studies in March when I was struggling to find summer internship opportunities. When I arrived at the center on Sunday I was greeted by my advusor Dr. Walid AlKhatib. Dr. AlKhatib assigned me to assist him on research about social and labor movements in Jordan. This is extremely pertinent as Jordan has just gone through weeks of protests over the income tax that the government was ready to implement. Protests are nothing new to Jordan, as Jordanians protested on and off for nearly 2 years during the Arab Spring in 2010-2012, demanding economic and political reform. So far in my first week I have compared how the Western media has covered these two different waves of protests. I like the support I am getting at the Center for Strategic Studies with my research, although Dr. Walid is my research advisor, I can go to any one of the researchers at the Center and receive tips, advice, sources, etc. I am glad what my first week has brought, and I am looking forward to the coming weeks.

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