Settling In…

As I finish up my second week on the job, I am finally getting accustomed to my new routine in Amman. I have figured out where to find buses, and how to take them, something I was not able to do in the spring when I was here. Taking a bus in Amman is always a risk because they don’t operate on a schedule and can be very early or very late. In the last few years there have been grassroots efforts at trying trying to educate Jordanians on how the bus system currently operates, and well as to force the bus system to adopt a formal schedule with official stations and times. The people on my street are starting to recognize me and I have engaged in conversations with quite a few of them. All in all, Jordanians are extremely nice people and I have never felt unwelcomed here.



This week I was assigned a new supervisor, Dr. Lamees ElMutahseb. Dr. Lamees specializes in movements, especially religious movements, and I have been assigned to help her research theories of modernization, how these theories have influenced modernization and development in the Middle East and North Africa, and how religion has played a role, if any, in this process. One important thing that happened this week was that I decided that enrolling in a Master’s program is most likely the right choice for me. So, you could say that this internship is helping me narrow in on my career path!

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