Friends, Food, and Research

This week has been a very fun week. At my internship I had to conduct an interview with my mentor for the INP, and it was very insightful. My mentor and I discussed research, academia, and life in Jordan. The conversation helped me in my skills and goals. My mentor has been giving me a lot of work recently and honestly, I love it. I really do believe research is for me. This was the first week that I interacted with the other interns on more than a professional level. We all went to Jordanian Food Week together. We learned how to make traditional Jordanian food, and I cannot wait to make it at home for my friends and family. 

Yesterday I had the chance to put those new cooking skills to the test. A Jordanian friend of mine and I made a kufta dish. Kufta is a a dish with meatballs of ground meet and spices made with onions,tomato sauce, and chopped tomatoes. It was zeki kiteer (very delicious)! Up until this week I was very bored because I have already done the touristy things here in Jordan, and have been living more as a professional, rather than a tourist. But this week I had more fun inside and outside the workplace. I am looking forward to the last month of my internship!

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