Halfway Done

I am now more than halfway done with my internship at the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, and I am already thankful for my time here. I have gotten the chance to meet great researchers and great interns so far. This past week two interns finished up and went back home. These are two students that I had become great friends with and will definitely be staying in touch with. It is amazing how I have been able to meet students, and friends, from all over the world. 

Although I am not studying, my Arabic continues to improve just by talking and listening to people, and reading news and scholarly papers for my internship. I am looking forward to the start of the new semester where I will hopefully be able to bring my Arabic to the next level. I have an apartment mate who is studying Arabic here for the very first time and he just became first aid certified which will allow him to work in refugee camps here in Amman, and I am thinking about also doing that if I have free time in the fall. Right now I am just living here and not really giving back to the community that has been so nice to me and made me feel at home. If I can find a way to give back my time here will feel more rewarding, as well as improve my Arabic even more while helping people!

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