Bye, Bye July

July is now over and I only have a few weeks left of my internship. More interns finished up their times at the Center and returned to the United States, as well as some students I met from outside the program. So now there are only a few interns left for the rest of August, and I will have to find other things to do to keep busy before my academic program starts in September. They are right when they say August is the Sunday of summer. 

I am still enjoying my research at the Center and just finished up a project for my mentor, Dr. Lamis elMuhtaseb. I am looking forward to what she will have me working on next. Recently, I have found more time to review my Arabic vocab and grammar, and have been putting that into practice when I am out and about. I want to be ready for when the semester starts next month. Overall, although things have slowed down, I am still enjoying my internship and time here in Amman this summer!

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