And just like that… its over

This past week at CSS was my last week at the internship. The week before was Eid al-Adha so we enjoyed the entire week off. I was invited to an Eid lunch and was very glad I got to take part in that. Each night during Eid I went downtown or to popular areas and was able to see how Jordanians celebrated the Eid. People would pray in the late morning/early afternoon and then go home and get prepared for whatever event, party, or dinner they were going to that evening. After their evening festivities, many Jordanians took to the streets to go to cafes, restaurants, and even bars. It was something I enjoyed witnessing.

Looking backĀ at the internship, I am very happy with my time at CSS. I learned a lot about myself, research, and Jordanian society. My research I completed this summer has definitely made me a better researcher, academic, and student. I feel much more confident in my ability to conduct research and to write papers. I made contacts and friends for life. I look forward to the academic semester next week here in Jordan to improve my Arabic and knowledge of Jordanian and Arab culture!

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