Week 10

Vegetables Are Good!

The kids at Galen Terrace trying some kale and cucumbers from their garden.

Trying to get kids to eat vegetables isn’t always easy. I’m fairly certain its impossible for kids to actually enjoy kale. However, having the opportunity to work with kids like I have at Galen Terrace has allowed me to convince some of them that vegetables aren’t all that bad.

I have been able to work with these kids for about five weeks now. At the beginning of that time, we would go out into the garden and they thought everything was lettuce. Some of them had been out to the garden with their parents, but to most of them, the garden was full of bees and weird plants, and they didn’t associate that with food you eat. Over the course of these few weeks, that began to change.

We began to harvest the ripe vegetables each week for snacks.¬†The kids began to get more and more comfortable out in the garden and could remember the names of plants! They even began to stop freaking out near the bees and bugs in the garden.¬† It started with some tastes of kale, which no one liked. Then we moved on to cucumbers, which we a big hit. Finally, the tomatoes began to ripen. This last week I joined the kids in the garden, I brought along mozzarella cheese. I wanted to make the ripe new cherry tomatoes as delicious as possible, so with the tomatoes, some basil, and the mozzarella, I made some simple caprese¬† salad. Some of the kids loved it, some not so much, but I felt I had gotten a victory. I was able to show these kids that plants weren’t just plants in a garden, they were vegetables. Amazing food was waiting right outside their doors, and now they had a little peak into what they could do with it.

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