The American Elections

On November 6th, day of the presidential elections in the United States, the Dickinson in France students participated in an Election Day Party organized by the Toulouse Business School, inpartnership with Dickinson in France, the Institute of Political Science, and other Toulouse organizations. The evening attracted many people with different nationalities. The Dickinson students animated many of the evening’s activities, such as a simulated voting booth, a quiz on American government, a presentation of the main candidates, debates on different topics and an electoral map. Their participation was greatly appreciated by the general public.


During the evening, two students, David Fwler (Tufts) and Michelle Hovy (Dickinson) were interviewed by a journalist, whose article, entitles “US Election Night in Toulouse: ‘If Romney wins, I’m not going back to the US,” appeared online the next day. Follow this link for the article.