The Mosaic students on top of a parking garage in Toulouse
(Photo: Dorian Simon-Rouard)

Dear readers,

Finally a regular rhythm…but not for long. The students in Dickinson’s Mosaic program have arrived! Participating in the Mosaic program organized by Prof. Borges, they are applying their studies and research on Mediterranean Migration to a trip abroad, starting in Toulouse. Their hands-on experience will continue in Morocco and will finish in Spain. Based on their first few days in Toulouse, full of encounters with immigrant workers, experts in the field, the “pink city” and the Dickinson in France students, this trip will bring lots of fruitful and animated discoveries.

The students who arrived in September and January have been their guides in discovering the city, which at this point has become their own, and they’ve also added new cultural and academic experiences to their baggage.


Anna Ciriani Dean