Let’s go to Conques!- Kat Swantak

Walking around Toulouse at 7 am is nothing like taking a stroll in the mid afternoon.  It’s dark, the air is calm, and there is no one around; well, except for the 20 twenty-somethings waiting for the bus at the end of Rue du Japon.  The three-hour voyage highlighted the contrast between the bustling urban life of Toulouse and the quaint rolling hills of the countryside.  Upon arrival, our group was met with the sight of a quaint medieval village sprawled out before us.  We waited no time; our guide for the afternoon, Monsieur Créma explained all about the church’s architecture and history while it towered over us.  Soon after, we set out on a hike through the hills of Conques.  We trekked though trees, over streams and scaled steep slopes.  Out of breath, we came to a peak that offered us a picturesque view of Conques surrounded by vineyards and green hills.   Picnicking at the top of the hills soon followed, all while joking and sharing a few laughs amongst new found friends.  Later that afternoon, we finished our hike and returned to the center of the village with the guidance of M. Créma.  Left to our own devices, we were able to do our own exploration of the village finding that Conques has much more to offer than meets the eye.

Kat Swantak

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