My time in Toulouse and at the IEP!- Alex Seavey

It’s very interesting to live in an old city with so much history. It’s almost like stepping back in time. My first impression of the city was that it was very big. But after living here for about two months, the city is actually really small! I will run into people I see or may recognize. I love walking around Toulouse, but I especially love my walk to the IEP because I walk right by Place du Capitole.


Place du Capitole

My classes at the IEP are very different from my classes at Dickinson. There are lots of people and it takes place in these grand lecture halls. My courses at Dickinson have about 15-20 students. However, I like the big lecture halls here at the IEP because I am able to just sit and listen and absorb everything the professor says. Something that is interesting in my classes is that the professor will talk about the United States and reference American writers. It’s nice to have that familiarity.


Alex Seavey.