Credits & Grades

TWC credits: Credits earned at TWC (4 in the fall or spring; 3 in the summer) will automatically be counted as general credit toward graduation. If you would like to apply to have any of your TWC credits to count toward your major (or minor), you must complete the Registrar’s Major credit form when you return from TWC .

If you will be seeking credit toward the major, we strongly advise that you meet with the chair of your major department before you leave for Washington. Since you will probably not know what your TWC course or internship will be until close to the time you actually start work in Washington, it may not be possible to get the approval you seek ahead of time, but you can at least explain your plans and let the chair know you will be e-mailing him or her to seek this approval once you get to Washington and have your course and internship set up.  Save the email response you get as documentation of the chair’s approval (assuming you get it), then get the chair’s signature on the form below after you return to campus.

Grades: Final letter grades earned for all three items (Internship, TWC seminar, and Independent Study Project) will be reported on your transcript, but only the letter grade for the Independent Study Project will be factored in when calculating your G.P.A.