Independent Study Project (ISP) overview

What is the ISP?

The TWC Independent  Study Project (ISP) is a special, required component of the Dickinson Semester in Washington.  It consists of an independent study project, not unlike an independent study a student might do with the advice of a Dickinson faculty member while at the Carlisle campus.  Students and their ISP advisers work together to converge on a suitable project theme, work schedule, and final work product.

How to find a Dickinson faculty member to work with?

You should contact a faculty member who is most closely aligned with the area in which you would like to do your independent study as soon as you begin thinking about doing the Washington Semester program.

How will my Dickinson ISP advisor stay in touch while I am in Washington?

You will stay in regular contact with your ISP adviser by email throughout your semester in Washington.  Your adviser will also pay you a visit at your internship site sometime during the semester at which time you can give him or her a site visit before or after meeting to discuss your progress on the ISP.

Will I have access to the Dickinson library while I am in Washington?

Yes, you should be able to access all of Dickinson College’s library electronic resources as if you were on campus. In addition, TWC personnel will be able to advise you on local library access once you are settled in to your internship.