Labor, Business Lobby Making Headway on Immigration talks

The AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce reached a compromise dealing with the immigration of lesser-skilled workers to the U.S. The compromise calls for the formation of a bureaucratic agency that would monitor the need for immigrant workers in low wage job fields. The proposed program gives U.S. workers the ability to fill vacant jobs before they are given to immigrant workers at lower wages. If firms cannot find American workers to fill these jobs then the program would give visas to immigrants to occupy the job vacancies. The goal is to protect wages and working conditions for lesser-skilled jobs. This compromise reached still has to make it through congress to become a bill.

This article shows the focus of the government in addressing the dilemma of illegal immigrants working at below minimal wages. Americans were unable to compete in these job markets because illegal immigrants were willing to work for lower wages. This program attempts to give Americans equal opportunity in lesser-skilled job markets.

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