Is fracking the answer?

I found this article to be very interesting because of the potential impacts environmentally and economically. Many seem to believe that fracking would provide countless jobs to California, a state that has long battled high unemployment. The other battle is that of the environmental stance, the potential water contamination and other environmental concerns. This leaves us with the question of moral vs. economic benefits and costs.

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3 Responses to Is fracking the answer?

  1. Derek says:

    I see this as a very prevalent topic today because of the current price of energy and the potential future scarcity of it. It is great to here positive news about new energy technologies that we don’t need to buy off another country. Another reason this article is great is it is addressing another one of our major problems which is unemployment. With future shale oil jobs in California hopefully it can help lower their unemployment rate.

    • kachadud says:

      To add to my comment you must also weigh the negative effects on the environment that occurs during shale oil drilling. These include the risk of spilling in the water along with what is done with the waste water.

    • critzerm says:

      Not only that, but keep in mind that shale gas is still a fossil fuel. I find it hard to get excited about something that’s just going to lead us back into another energy crisis in a few decades time, assuming we move to rely on it heavily. I just don’t understand how people can be so short-sighted about this. The benefits, if there are net benefits with environmental and social factors involved, are short-term only.

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