Benefits of Working in the Office

The article I read about talks about the benefits a company can experience by having people work in office. The topic came up because Yahoo’s chief executive, Marissa Mayer, has recently eliminated Yahoo’s work at home policy. The main benefits that article talked about was enhanced creativity and innovation due to the increased interacton among employees. The article also talked about benefits such as free¬†food and snacks,¬†having an on-site gym, on-site haircuts, etc. These benefits help to create a positive work environment that encourages employees to spend more time at work and to be more productive. Creativity and innovation are critical for economic success so having policies in the workplace that encourage interaction among employees is logical.

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3 Responses to Benefits of Working in the Office

  1. rosesa says:

    I wonder if this new policy implemented by Yahoo violates Rawls’ difference principle. In implementing such a policy, would Yahoo be a less attractive place for women to want to work? If such a policy prevents them from working at home to take care of children or during pregnancy, women might be discouraged from applying for a job at Yahoo. Thus the policy would make a certain group of people, women, less well off then they were before. Furthermore, it is likely that not all woman will be able to build a nursery in their offices as Mayer was able to do, further disadvantaging recent mothers in the workplace at Yahoo by preventing them to work and to take care of their children. Yahoo should account for such possible distributional injustices in the company’s new policy.

  2. salvitta says:

    Both the article post and response to benefits of working in the office pose very good positives and negatives for this scenario. Certainly on site benefits and enhanced creativity would have a much more productive effect. But going along some of the negatives this could also impose, one must have to consider is commuting to work, especially for a national social media site that is generally located around large cities. In addition to it should be factored in as the other responder pointed out the issue of children at the home and compensation for no childcare. From a pareto approach this may not work due to others being worse off. A pareto improvement in addition may also not be possible, due the inability of children being able to compensate for the lose of childcare and the inability of others moving to a closer work location for commuting.

  3. gainesc says:

    Yahoo is a well off enough company to make a policy like this. Not every company can have all of there employers work on site and especially give them benefits like a gym, free food, and sodas. I think that it is very beneficial for a company like Yahoo who can afford to provide all of these benefits. It will also make the employers work and bond better with their co-workers.

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