US-Mexico Border Control Costs


This article discusses the cost and benefits of current border control policies in to United States.  It specifically focuses on the US-Mexican border and the increase in funds and in the workforce that patrols the area.  In the last several decades,  the government has increased its yearly spending from about .3 billion to over 3 billion dollars per year on border.  It analyzes what the patrolling is actually doing and whether such extensive force is needed for the results.  The article questions that less could be spent, and yet the same number of people would be apprehend at the border and not be allowed in to the United States.

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4 Responses to US-Mexico Border Control Costs

  1. boswelli says:

    I think this article is very interesting. One would think that if more funds were allocated to border control than it’d be more effective but that’s not the case. I think this issue is a great example of why the US will benefit from analyses of benefits-costs in the long run. Realizing this situation and cutting down its funding could allow for the allocation of funds for other important projects.

  2. critzerm says:

    Yes it does seem, according to this article, that border patrol is essentially a hole we’re throwing money down without ever being able to know what good its doing. It certainly seems possible that the benefits of “securing the border” potentially do not outweigh the costs and that this policy is being driven largely by ideology rather than logic and data. I could imagine an equally irresponsible liberal policy being torn apart by critics; its a shame this one does not get that much attention.

  3. kassr says:

    I thought this article was interesting. While it is expensive to try and secure our borders, we needs to weigh the costs (not strictly monetary) and benefits and see what is the most beneficial for the United States. It is also important to note that a lot of the costs can be due to the technology that is used to help secure our borders, this security has the potential to decrease the amount of manpower needed. It would be interesting to see how a decrease in funding would affect this area.

  4. dewinghd says:

    This is certainly an interesting report, because as many fellow commenters have alluded to, it addresses a normally visceral issue with a quantitative report. However, at least in this blogger’s opinion, issues of border control are not ones that will ever be considered economically. The heart of border control arguments center on deep ingrained beliefs on illegal immigrants. It is question of national sentiment, not border control expenses.

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