U.S. to Defend Age Limits on Morning-After Pill Sales


This article states how the Obama administration has recently taken actions eliminating the ability for women/girls/children under the age of 15 to purchase morning after pills-a form of birth control. In recent history the bill was banned for sale to young women without a prescription by the secretary of health and human services. This ruling ignores the FDA’s stance on the drug who believes it should be available everywhere and for everyone. The issue is being evaluated further by the FDA and members of the Justice Department. The decisions made on this policy will have many ethical implications. How do you feel about this topic?

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One Response to U.S. to Defend Age Limits on Morning-After Pill Sales

  1. salvitta says:

    The economic affect of reducing the consumer base would decrease the sales of the morning after pill. This represents government intervention on the distribution of a product due to ethical values. Personally, I believe that the morning after pill should be made available for people of all ages after the FDA has studied the affects of the morning after pill on girls of all ages. Also I believe that the government should not put politics before science when restricting access to the morning after pill.

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