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US fails to support single mothers

In this article in The Nation, Greg Kaufman draws on a large body of research that shows that single mothers (and their children) living in the United States are far worse off than single mothers in other high-income countries. Income … Continue reading

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Raising income taxes to encourage economic growth

This seemingly counter-intuitive argument is made by Andrew Fieldhouse in his article “How High Should Top Income Tax Rates Be? (Hint: Much Higher).” The article shows how little influence the majority of economists have had on recent fiscal policy. The … Continue reading

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Craighead Bridge update

The majority of South Middleton Township supervisors agreed with Ari that the Craigshead Bridge was not a significant enough historical structure to justify leaving current and future taxpayers with an increased tax burden.

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“Three Cheers for the Nanny State”

An op-ed article in the New York Times today by Sarah Conly, assistant professor of philosphy at Bowdoin College, argues that benefit-cost analysis gives conclusions in favor of NY state regulation banning 32 oz sodas. Her article appears to allow … Continue reading

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States Share of Fish Quotas

The allocation of fishery quotas between states provides a good example of benefit cost analysis applied to the allocation of an optimal quantity between more than one user. Benefit-cost analysis is used to determine the optimal quantity Summer Flounder that … Continue reading

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Costs of Long Prison Terms

Sociologists have conducted a lot of research on the personal and social costs of long prison terms. As this article in The New York Times argues, the costs of long prison terms for people who commit crimes as a juvenile … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Marketplace

Around the world, ecosystem protection and restoration are increasingly been considered as a policy alternative to water and waste water infrastructure investments. As demand for water and expectations for water quality increase, the costs of upgrading water and waste water … Continue reading

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Overregulating and Underregulating at the same time

While this blog post by Matthew Yglesias in Slate touches on the political, it clearly shows how policy is much more complex than party political divisions suggest. The article argues that within the U.S. we have too much regulation at … Continue reading

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Removing Dams on Klamath River

A recent 400-page report from the U.S. Geological Survey suggests that the benefits from removing four dams on the Klamath River outweigh the costs of removal by “as much as 47.6 to one.” The benefits would come primarily from the … Continue reading

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Foreign Assistance & the U.S. Budget

Two steps in good policy analysis are to make clear assumptions and assemble evidence or data relevant to the policy decision being made. With current policy discussion focusing on fiscal issues, a policy recommendation regarding tax and spending policies, should … Continue reading

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