Presentation Prep and DC Trip

Hello all,

Last week, I was plugging away working on my case. I received feedback from both my mentor and the case studies expert on a rough draft of my case, so I spent most of last week adding parts to my case to address their comments. In addition, I added to my slides that I had originally made for the Stab Ops preliminary presentation.

All of the interns are presenting this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so I had to finish my slides. I’m thankful I had already done the majority for the Stab Ops presentation, because it meant I had less work to do.

Additionally, this Monday, PKSOI took all of us interns on a trip to DC. We met with a DIA agent and Pentagon employees of Foreign Disaster Assistance, as well as taking a tour of the Pentagon. In the afternoon, we met with a panel of USIP employees. Though neither of these are careers I was considering, several of the other interns want to work in intelligence, so they were happy to learn a little more about the sector. The Pentagon tour was really interesting– it’s hard to grasp how massive the building is until you walk through it. It has 25,000 employees every day, contains hallways three times the length of the Statue of Liberty, and contains enough foodstores to support its staff for 6 months in an emergency.

Monday was a very long day– the trip was 16 hours long, but it was fulfilling, interesting, and nice to get out fo the office for a day.

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