What’s Next?

Looking back at how much I was able to figure out from one internship, is insane. I started off with knowing about what I wanted to major in but not exactly knowing what I want to do. During my time at Valley Community Healthcare, I decided that I wanted to go to graduate school and strive to any means necessary to avoid a gap year. I began to do more research on scholarships and possible way to get loan forgiveness by working in high-risk communities.

During this time of exploration, I never had to worry about my necessities. The Dickinson Internship Grant gave me the funds to help alleviate some of the financial pressures that I felt. I was lucky to find an internship that created a position for me but I did have to sacrifice a possible paid internship. This made me feel better about having the opportunity to really figure out what I wanted to do.

Overall, I did not know that there was more to the social work field. I know now that I want to pursue Clinical Social Work. I have a better idea of the kind of population and age group I would like to work with. So thank you Dickinson and to everyone who helped me achieve this remarkable internship and those who helped guide me throughout!



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