Meeting with Mayor Kenney

My name is Aliyah Walker and I am interning for the City of Philadelphia’s alt textOffice of Emergency Management. The office works to prepare the city of Philadelphia for emergencies, create public safety plans and assesses relevant incidents that involve the citizens of Philadelphia. Each of the interns along with myself are given the opportunity to work on special projects from preparing large city celebrations or preparing for natural disasters. My project allows me to be involved in a few different research opportunities from improving emergency planning for AFN (access and functional need individuals), improving emergency planning LEP (Limited English Proficiency individuals and working on the opioid crisis. These projects are all independent research which has allowed me to learn how to improve my thinking skills. In my second week I had the opportunity to sit on the Mayor’s Resilience Project. Several agencies spoke about improvements that have been made to reduce the danger caused by the opioid crisis and the plans to improve safeness for the future. This amazing opportunity allowed me to understand how the findings and observations of my research influence what is being done for the city.