Going the extra mile

alt textBeing open and willing to go the extra mile can take you very far. Not even actually doing something  all the time but being open to contribute more than what someone asks of you, is a great characteristic to have. I never really considered myself to be a “first one to arrive, last one to leave” type of person however considering the type of work I am doing my work is truly never done. Inevitably this has allowed me to develop closer relationships with not only my supervisor but also many other individuals in the office including the other fellows. Each of the fellows work on different assignments so from speaking with them throughout the day I am  able to become very equipped on other aspects of the office that I am not focusing on. I now find it useful to ask more questions and processes and networks that I see other fellows and my supervisor using.  Being granted the Dickinson grant has allowed me to have this wonderful experience but also has provide with a healthy environment to study for my LSAT exam. I am currently studying 4 days a week for 3 hrs a day for my exam. I also have integrated  the “go the extra mile” mindset into my study habits to ensure I get am working to achieve  a great test score.  #DsonIntern 

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