Onto the next stage…

Simply because this summer has been one of the most rewarding and eventful sualt textmmer’s I’ve had thus far, it has also felt like the shortest summer I have ever experienced. With one week left of my internship and an entire semester to prepare for, it Is more than necessary to take some time to reflect. Throughout this experience I have learned many valuable skills including time management, accountability and professionalism.  Most importantly I have learned how to be a great asset to my work environment while also maintaining my own personal interests. I would not change any aspect or decision I have made during my internship experience. I believe I have been a great contribution to the office with my research my skills and readiness to fill in where necessary. Personally, I will continue to push myself to be more outspoken and vocal about my interests and all opportunities that I find to be beneficial. I look forward to beginning the next phase of my college experience. My internship at the City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management has helped prepare me for this next phase in more ways than I could have predicted 3 months ago.  

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