Hello World!

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Hello faithful followers of the WDCV blogosphere!

It is with much pleasure that I introduce myself to you all! My name is Alex, a senior East Asian Studies major, Music minor and WDCV DJ here at Dickinson. During this past semester, thanks to help of the English Department and one Professor Sarah Kersh, I have started a blog of my own. The main impetus being discussing my radio show, sharing my passion, and I hope knowledge, for music with the good and lovely people of the internet.

So far the reception hasn’t been awful! Which is saying something about the internet.

Regardless, the ever intrepid Brenda Landis saw some of my content and asked me to be a contributing writer for this very blog. Exciting stuff I know! I am very exciting to start contributing to this online community while also balancing creating content of my own. Expect to read some album reviews, news updates, and maybe even a few interviews with artists, DJ’s, radio personnel, or perhapsĀ a faithful listener.

To get things started I will post the final project I whipped up for Professor Kersh’s Writing for Digital Environments course. It’s just a short guided tour of the WDCV space and equipment housed within the bowels of the Holland Union Building.