Recent Tracks played on WDCV!

Newest tracks located at BOTTOM of the list… SCROLL DOWN.  Thanks!


  • peter griffin

    this should be updated regularly! 🙂

  • ton eighty

    The Mistah O shows rocks – but needs more Deep Purple

  • David Dixon

    If you’re not going to keep your playlist up-to-date, what’s the point of posting a playlist in the first place?

  • BL

    We didn’t have a perfect solution to our playlist posting so it currently shows the newest on the bottom, not the top, due to programming limitations. You need to scroll down.

  • David Dixon

    Duh! I did look at the bottom of the list – it was 12 hours behind

  • Joy Verner

    David – The playlist only shows new entries when there is a live DJ on the air. When gaps exist, we are broadcasting archived shows. If you are interested in finding a specific song title, feel free to email us with the date and time you heard the song and we will do our best to get back to you with the information. Thanks for listening!

  • Cindy Mendoza

    Jon’s show tonight was awesome…great mix.

  • Simon Johnsons

    DJ Manny’s Show is just Great!!!! Good luck in what you do!

  • Casey Maidment

    Alex does such a spectacular job wow I wish I could be friends with her!

  • Alex

    Alex is a guy^^^

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