Show Descriptions


 Sunday Shows


Fiesta!– 11 to 12pm




Bob Zieff  – Jazz Pathways 

Jazz and commentary by WDCV’s own Bob Zieff, the unsung jazz hero who composed for the likes of Chet Baker. Let his soft, paced voice take you on a jazz journey. Jazz Pathways airs on Sundays from 12pm to 2pm.


Not My Forte with Sean Jones– 2pm to 3pm


Audio Intercourse with Bianca LoGiurato– 3pm to 4pm


Bananaphobia with Izzy Smith & Rowan Humpries – 5pm to 6pm


The Raft with Matt Hunt – 7pm to 8pm


The Loaf with Dan McColley – 8pm to 9pm


Spaced Out with Jen Hylwa & Beth Eidam – 9pm to 10pm


Atomic Rockets with Tom Burns– 10pm to 11pm


Dream City with Ellen Hietsch – 11pm to 12am


Monday Shows

In The Shadow Of with Joseph Riley– 12am to 1am


Catching the Sun featuring Phil Peoples– 6am to 8am


Bluegrass @ Dickinson with Davis Tracy– 8am to 10am


The Sustainability Jam Hour with DJ Ken Shutles– 10am to 11am


The Raft with Matt Hunt– 1pm to 2pm


Scaredykay with Kat Manges- 5pm to 6pm


Spotlight on Sinatra- 6pm to 8pm 


Songline Reverb – 8pm to 9pm


WDCV Live Improv Show! – 9pm to 11pm


Indie Nights with John Gargiulo – 11pm – 12am


Tuesday Shows


Late Night Vibes with Jack and Ralph – 12am to 1am


Dig! with DJ Joe George – 6am to 8am


Good Day with Christian Swegger – 8am to 9am


Alloy – 9am to 11am


Outside the Box with Brenda Landis – 12pm to 1pm


Tuesday Night Ball with Max Farley – 1pm to 2pm


Girl Talk with Molly Gorelick – 2pm to 3pm


Eclectic Garage with Ron Baer and Cyndee Workman – 3pm to 5pm


Cangie Angie Gomez & Carmen Pardo – 5pm to 6pm


Grapevine with Lauren Benton – 7pm to 8pm


String Theory with Tom Wilkins – 8pm to 10pm


Smorgasbord with Lauren Bobyock – 10pm to 11pm


Dessert Cereal with Joelle Paul – 11pm to 12am


Wednesday Shows


10:57 with Alex Dillon – 12am to 1am


Catching the Sun – 6am to 8am


Bluegrass @ Dickinson – 8am to 10am


Art of the Song – 10am to 11am


Crossing Paths with Mollie Montague – 3pm to 3:30pm


Dream City with Ellen Hietsch – 4pm to 5pm


DJ Manny Fresh – 5pm to 6pm


ET After Dark with Ewurabena Ampofo-Tenkorang – 6pm to 7pm


Flower Power with Emma Caplan – 7pm to 8pm


The Reckless Serenade with Victoria Walter – 8pm to 9pm


Where’s Migsy? with DJ KouqJ – 9pm to 11pm


Faded Glory with Zach Garrett & Henry Rincavage – 11pm to 12am


Thursday Shows


Jon’s Jams with Jon Rodinger – 12am to 1am


Uncle Max with Max Shenk – 6am to 8am


The Belle of the Hour with Lucy Paterson – 1pm to 2pm


Tuesday Night Ball with Max Farley – 3pm to 4pm


The Bee’s Knees with Esai Flores – 4pm to 5pm


Reckless Serenade with Victoria Walter – 6pm to 7pm


Tall & Small with Julia Ormond and Rachel Gross – 7pm to 8pm


The International Our with Gus Sebastien – 8pm to 10pm


The Crossroads with Danny Dicker – 10pm to 11pm


Faded Glory with Zach Garrett and Henry Rincavage – 11pm to 12am


Friday Shows


Catching the Sun – 6am to 8am


Bluegrass @ Dickinson with David Tracey – 8am to 10am


Beale Street Caravan – 10am to 11am


Jon’s Jams with Jon Rodiger – 12am to 1am


Girl Time with Molly Gorelick – 2pm to 3pm


Temporal Breakdown with Nate Smith – 4pm to 6pm


Melodic Jungle with Stuart Spiegel – 10pm to 11pm



Saturday Shows


Bluegrass @ Dickinson – 8am to 10am


Jazz on the Rocks with Mike Conrad – 12pm to 1pm


The Time Warp with Justine Hayward – 2pm to 3pm


Pancake Breakfast with Austin Fuller – 6pm to 7pm


Shining Bright with Luke Hanselman – 7pm to 8pm


Dollar Menu with Karissa Kendricks & Dan Connor – 10pm to 11pm

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