Sunday Shows


11am- 12pm Fiesta!- Elbio Rodríguez Barilari


12-2pm Jazz Pathways- Bob Zieff 

Jazz and commentary by WDCV’s own Bob Zieff, the unsung jazz hero who composed for the likes of Chet Baker. Let his soft, paced voice take you on a jazz journey.

2-3pm Generation Jones 


5-6pm Peanut Butter and Jamz- Rachel Prince & Ellie DoblinAudio 


7-8pm Kennebec Roxanne- Nathaniel Rines

A little bit of everything, with a favor for classical rock and 70s/80s hits

8-9pm The Raft- Matt Hunt 

Musical journeys with unique narratives. 

9-10pm Spaced Out- Jen Hylwa & Beth Eidam


10-11pm Atomic Rockets- Tom Burns


Monday Shows


6-8am Catching the Sun- Phil Peoples


8-10am Bluegrass@Dickinson- Davis Tracy


10-11am The Sustainability Jam Hour- DJ Ken Shutles


4-5pm Breakfast for Dinner- Sarah Dembling

An eclectic mix of chill and upbeat songs!

6-8pm Spotlight on Sinatra- Deeg 


8-9pm Yolk Sessions- Rob Page 


9-10pm Loosely Based


10-11pm Reckless Serenade- Victoria Walter


8-9pm Italian Radio 


Tuesday Shows


6-8am Dig!- DJ Joe George 


8-9am Good Day- Christian Swegger 


9-11am Alloy- Greg Bear 


1-2pm Maxin’ and Relaxin’- Amy

Alternative, rock, and some pop music!

4-5pm Bronzed Shovel- Avery Morgan & Ruby Stricker


5-6pm Playing it by Ear- Jonah Skeen, Alejandro Arango

Playing It Ear features an eclectic mix of well known classics, straight up bangers, and hidden gems. From the Shooby Taylor’s of the world to the Johnny Lennon’s, we’ll play the greats from the past, present, and maybe future. There’s no genre we won’t play, no rock or roll left unturned. DJ Cisco and DJ Figgy will be your humble guides on this musical journey through the ages. In short, it’s a full body high.

6-7pm Porch Culture- Erica Wells


7-8pm When the Music’s Over- Drew Kaplan 


8-10pm String Theory- Tom Wilkins 

Wednesday Shows


8-10am Bluegrass @ Dickinson 


10-11am Art of the Song 


11-12am Democracy Now


12-1pm Outside the Box- Brenda Landis


3-4pm Sounds of Pictures


4-5pm Hidden History- Ellis Tucci

A weekly podcast exploding thing that you didn’t know you didn’t know

5-6pm Tender Times- Zoey Miller

Songs that make me feel tender

6-7pm Plus 10- Aiden Baxtor


9-10pm Run With It! Radio


10-11pm Melodic Jungle- Stuart Spiegel


11pm-12am Double Decker- Myles Parker

Double Decker is your perfect late-nite mix, improvised and completely different every week with a mix of chill electronic beats, RnB and Hip-Hop. From Flume to The Internet to Oshi and Frank Ocean.

Thursday Shows


1-2pm Bloom and Groove- Espoir DelMain

Sweet jams, inspiration, stories and poetry from Espoir DelMain- just a girl from MN.

4-5pm The Congressional Breakfast Club- Jacob Kaufhold

Alternative music, classic rock, Cuban jazz, pre-1850 Classical; the news, stock market updates; whatever I feel like bringing to you today.

5-6pm Fresh Beatz- Josie Verter & Tory Lynott

New music each week with a fun theme!

6-7pm The Bee’s Knees- Esai Flores


7-8pm Tall & Small- Julia Ormond & Rachel Gross 


 8-10pm The International Our with Gus Sebastian


10-11pm Strawberry Jams- Nina Spoelker

Alternative, catchy tunes you can jam to.

11pm-12am Tuesday Night Ball- Max Farley 


Friday Shows


12-1am Pancake Breakfast


6-8am Catching the Sun- Phil Peoples


8-10am Bluegrass @ Dickinson- David Tracey


10-11am Beale Street Caravan

From the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll, it’s time for the best in Blues on Beale Street Caravan! Beale Street Caravan is a one hour non commercial radio series broadcasting live recordings of Memphis music and its derivative forms to an international audience of 2.4 million worldwide weekly listeners on over 400 stations around the globe. Hosted by Pat Mitchell, each program presents seasoned veterans alongside up and coming artists recorded at festivals and venues throughout the United States. Music industry experts and celebrities liven up each program with serialized inside commentary about the history & process of the music.

12am-1pm Bad Luck


1-2pm The Vibes- Sadie Signorella


2-3pm Friday Afternoons with Rachael- Rachael Czernar


3-4pm Rush Hour- Alex Rollins

A cool mix of tunes with some background information about the artist and its music.

4-6pm Temporal Breakdown- Nate Smith


6-7pm The Theme Scheme- Carl Hamilton


8-9pm Mellow Without a Cause- Marc Morris


10-11pm Powa Howa- Tom Powars



Saturday Shows


8-10am Bluegrass@Dickinson


12-1pm Jazz on the Rocks- Mike Conrad 


2-3pm The Time Warp- Justine Hayward 


3-5pm Eclectic Garage


6-7pm Stories for the Soul- Will Walsh

Readings of short stories with mixed in music

7-8pm Through The Airways- Ariel Levin-Antila

1) The airwaves: a term used to refer to the activity of broadcasting on radio. 2) The ARwaves (same pronunciation): a term used to refer to Ariel broadcasting on the radio. Anything goes (within FCC limits, of course).

10-11pm Think Global, Play Local- Mary Smith

Songs that feature local artists and global music

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